Advisory Board

Dr. Pamela Eddy, professor of higher education at College of William and Mary, will lead the evaluation efforts. Dr. Eddy’s scholarship focuses on the 2-year college sector, with specific attention on leadership and teaching and learning. As a former director of a faculty development center at a 2-year college, she brings expertise on faculty as adult learners and on effective teaching and learning strategies.

Dr. Matthew Hora is a researcher at the Wisconsin Center for Educational Research and an assistant professor at UW–Madison’s Division of Continuing Studies. Dr. Hora’s research expertise centers on curriculum planning and instructional practices, particularly at the postsecondary level in STEM. Dr. Hora has extensive experience with qualitative and mixed methods research designs.

Mark Johnson is WTCS’s education director for adult secondary and developmental education. He has expertise on contextualized adult basic education as well as accelerated developmental education, and has coordinated extensive PD in these areas.

Rachael Bower directs Internet Scout Research Group in the UW-Madison’s Computer Sciences Department. She has been principal investigator on NSF and Mellon awards, including Scout’s current NSF ATE Central project.

Dr. Lisa Seidman is co-PI for the ATE-funded Bio-Link National Center for Biotechnology Education. She has extensive experience in developing award-winning contextualized math courses and materials to improve student success, which have been used in institutions across the country.

Jane Tanner is a math professor at Onondaga Community College and President of the American Mathematical Association of Two-Year Colleges. She is a national leader for 2-year college faculty development and math education.