Faculty Development for Student Success in C2L at AERA

Dr. Xueli Wang will present work done within the C2L project focusing on faculty development as part of a symposium at the 2018 AERA Annual Meeting (April 13-17, 2018) facilitated by Dr. Pamela Eddy of the College of William and Mary, “Faculty Development to Obtain Student Success: Learning Across National Science Foundation Grant Projects.”

Dr. Wang will share findings from the first wave of faculty interviews from the C2L project that focus on faculty participants’ overall reactions to and experiences within their professional development workshops, discuss findings related to areas faculty see needing assistance to develop knowledge and skills around math contextualization and teaching, as well as any initial plans for contextualizing math courses and expectations for their communities of practice. Lessons learned from the initial phase of project implementation, especially around facilitating cross-departmental, cross-disciplinary, and cross-institutional communication and collaboration, as well as reconciling differences among a wide range of stakeholders toward accomplishing a common goal will be reviewed.

This symposium brings together researchers working on faculty development as part of NSF funded initiatives and also includes papers from Marilyn J. Amey and Alexander Gardner of Michigan State, Jaime R. Lester and Carrie Klein of George Mason University, Debra Bragg of University of Washington-Seattle and Pamela Eddy herself will allow researchers and attendees to discuss strategies used across all of these NSF funded projects in order to examine shared practices and findings and relate these to their practice and research. As successful PIs who have secured and managed NSF projects, this symposium will appeal to aspiring NSF-grantees who want to note best practices within NSF-supported education research projects.  

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